A First Draft of 2012 Admissions Decisions at Dozens of Universities

by Tanya Caldwell, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/16/12

Posted April 20, 2012

Now that acceptance letters are out and seniors are finalizing their college decisions, we thought we would start to put this year’s admissions season in a broader context.

To that end, we present our third annual listing of college admissions statistics at a range of institutions — a listing based on figures supplied by those colleges and universities that responded to a survey from The Choice over the last few weeks. This year, for the first time, we have included the number of students who were placed on waiting lists, as well as a more in-depth look at acceptance rates.

For each entry, the overall acceptance rate provides an overview of how many students were accepted, based on the total number of applicants. This year, however, we are also including the acceptance rates of early admissions and regular admissions. Early admissions refers to those students who applied early action or early decision. (Students who were deferred during early admissions and accepted via regular admission are included in the regular admissions rate; an empty box indicates that an institution did not provide a response.) <read more>

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