Standard Application Online

NOTE: The 2014-2015 SAO will be available until midnight Friday, August 14. The SAO for 2015-16 will be available on September 1. Final checks for the 2014-2015 season will be distributed once the system concludes its 2014-2015 season on 8/15/15.


Application setup for 2015-2016 will be available to schools on Monday, August 17. Click here for instructions.


A One-Size-Fits-All Application Solution

The Standard Application Online (SAO) is a free service provided by SSATB to member schools, in which students submit their information, essays, transcripts, and recommendations just once, online, to apply to as many SSATB member schools as they like.  The SAO is not an enrollment management software solution, nor was it designed to be. It is a “plug and play” common application service that can be utilized by any school, regardless of the admission software and database used.

Why should I use the SAO?

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A common application solution is one that looks beyond state and provincial borders and positions schools within the larger context in which they operate—the global independent school market. A common application shared not just by schools in your area but by independent schools across the globe (akin to The Common Application at the college level) efficiently and effectively helps all schools increase their applicant pools and find new students!

It is proven that schools that adopted the SAO experienced an increase in applications; they have also received high marks from families for the system’s ease of use.


A “One Size Fits All” Solution

The SAO is used by small schools (with correspondingly small budgets, that cannot afford to onboard a costly vendor-based online application solution) and large, high-volume schools who value the efficiency afforded by seamless data integration via the Application Programming Interface (API). Even regional groups of schools interested in making the application process less arduous for families have embraced the SAO.

Boarding schools draw students from adjacent states and across the globe, and increasingly, day schools seek to attract international families and/or applicants transitioning to the region. With the use of SSATB’s SAO, schools receive greater exposure while removing many barriers for families and generating the greatest benefit – increased applications and greater efficiency in processing applications!


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