Standard Application Online

Applying Made Easier!

With the Standard Application Online (SAO), students submit their information, essays, transcripts and recommendations just once, online, to apply to as many SSATB member schools as they like.  The SAO is being enhanced and updated for the 2014-2015 application season!

What does this mean for you?

  • The SAO is a FREE service for member schools 

  • Providing Application Fee Waivers is easy and at your school's discretion

  • Online management system with features including complete/incomplete icons, ability to export/print and issue application fee waivers

  • A robust, gold-standard API to integrate scores, applications and inquiries data into school databases. (Want more information on the API?  Email!)

  • Setup is quick and easy on your Member Access Portal (MAP)

  • Access through your MAP - the same place you receive score reports

  • Score reports that have been designated to your school will automatically be linked to the SAO if the student applies

  • Ability to create a school-specific supplement to the application for additional information your school requires

  • Your school receives 100% of your application fee!  SSATB collects the fee when the application is processed and sends you regular disbursement checks.  Students pay a $6.00 administrative fee per application (waived when an Application Fee Waiver is used)

  • Intuitive interface for students, schools and placement professionals

  • Placement directors and counselors have their own workspace, with access to student application status monitoring, recommendation management, and more

Our member schools have seen their application volume double, triple, and even quadruple once they accept the SAO.  The average member school using the SAO sees a 20% increase in applications year over year.  Join over 500 member schools who accept this convenient application and offer prospective students an easier way to apply to your school!

Do you accept the SAO? Say So!

Standard Application Online (SAO) Badge

Add a Standard Application Online badge to your school's website!

Copy the HTML code for one of the SAO badge versions below,
paste it into an email, and forward it to your school's webmaster,
who can insert it directly into the HTML text of your admission page.
Please note that this link does not connect applicants directly
to your school's application. They will be directed to an SAO
information page which will provide them with information
and instructions on using the SAO, plus links to complete a
school search and begin their application.

For more information about the use of this button, please email us.



 Purple/Green Version

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<img alt="SAO Online"  src="



 Blue Version


<font size="3"><a target="_blank" href="">
<img alt="SAO Online" src="



 Purple/Red Version

<font size="3"><a target="_blank" href="">
<img alt="SAO Online" src=" /data/files/gallery/ContentGallery/




 White Version

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<img alt="SAO Online" src="


Recorded Webinars

What's new for 2014-2015?  


Apply Here: A Tour of the Standard Application Online

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Using the SAO and want to know more about the rollover? 
View our recorded webinar below

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All About the SAO for Educational Consultants & Placement Professionals

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  1. The SAO will be unavailable for use by students between Monday, August 25 and Monday, September 8 to allow for yearly updating and data migration. Member schools will still be able to access applications on the system during this time.

  2. Set up your SAO account for the 2014-2015 season starting August 25! Choose which components of the application you will accept. Simply use your Member Access Portal to make your selections. Setup will be available between August 25 and September 8.

  3. Supplements - if you will be utilizing a supplement to your application, please submit NOW. It will be reviewed by SSATB and formatted as a fillable PDF document.

    A note about supplements: supplements are intended to provide information to schools that is not currently captured within the standard SAO. Please do not duplicate questions from the SAO on your supplement form.

  4. The last application fee disbursement checks for the 2013-2014 season will be distributed on August 26th, following the closure of the SAO system for maintenance and rollover.

  5. During the maintenance period, all functionality for schools will remain. You can still access your applications from your MAP. As of September 8, all current applications will be stored in an archive for future reference.