What is a room scan?

After you launch the Secure Browser, one of the first steps will be completing a room scan. During the room scan the student or their parent/guardian slowly shows the entire room and desk area with the webcam.

Some important tips for room scans are:

*Go slowly. Your room scan should be about 20 seconds — enough time to slowly show the entire room and testing area.
*First, slowly rotate the camera 360 degrees showing the room. It needs to be slow enough to show that there are no other people or prohibited items within reach.
*Second, use the webcam to show the desk area, any walls around the desk, and that no prohibited items are on or under the desk. Plan about 5-8 seconds.
*If you have a laptop, consider unplugging the power cord first, but remember to plug it back in.
*The proctor will review the room scan immediately; however, if it is too fast or parts of the room or desk are are not show, the proctor will prompt you to complete the room scan again.

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