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Be Extraordinary

Fork Union Military Academy has been called “the West Point of high schools,” and uses the structure and discipline of the military system to provide accountability, reward good performance, and serve as a leadership laboratory in which young men can develop their team building and leadership skills.

The unique One Subject Plan academic schedule at Fork Union Military Academy offers a level of individual attention for students that can’t be matched in other schools and is built to meet the specific needs and learning styles of teenage boys.

Known worldwide for the strength of its athletics programs, Fork Union Military Academy has produced Olympians in track and swimming, hundreds of NCAA Division I athletes across all sports, two Heisman Trophy winners, and dozens of professional athletes in a range of sports like basketball, tennis, baseball, and football, including more than 120 NFL players since 1940.

Founded on Christian values, Fork Union emphasizes faith, integrity, respect, discipline, and character in the lives of its students, who come from across the country and around the globe, representing all races and religions.

Fork Union Military Academy is a school where young men who are willing to put in the extra effort can learn what it means to be extraordinary.

A Fork Union student working on his laptop in a classroom.

The One Subject Plan

Our unique One Subject Plan academic schedule ensures the highest level of individual attention and helps young men achieve their highest potential in the classroom.

A group of Fork Union Military Academy cadets standing with the arms around each others' shoulders.


As a military-style school for young men, our cadets build strong bonds of understanding and friendship that will last a lifetime. Our cadets call this bond simply “the brotherhood.”

Fork Union Military Academy cadets praying during a religious service.

Christian Values

Founded by a Baptist minister in 1898, Fork Union Military Academy remains firmly based on Christian values such as respect, faith, integrity, character, and discipline.

A Fork Union Military Academy football player running with the ball.


Fork Union is known worldwide for the strength and diversity of its athletics programs, usually sending 30-60 athletes from our high school and postgraduate teams to NCAA college programs on athletic scholarships each year. Fork Union has produced Olympians, Heisman Trophy winners, and many professional athletes including more than 120 NFL players.

The Fork Union Military Academy marching band in dress uniforms featuring a red coat performing on the football field.


Our award-winning marching band is just one of the many extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations that bring value to the cadet experience at Fork Union.

Fork Union Military Academy cadets in their dress uniforms marching.

Leadership Development

Fork Union Military Academy offers unique opportunities for young men to develop valuable leadership skills that will be used throughout their lives.

Real Talk

When I came to Fork Union Military Academy, I felt like I belonged. I felt like I was in a group of brothers. More importantly, I felt like I was able to succeed. I learned that in public school, I was not able to learn because I could not ask the teacher any questions. I had a graduating class of 600, meaning that all of my classes had a minimum of a 20:1 student-teacher ratio. I constantly was not paid attention to, and it felt like the teacher did not care about us. When I came to Fork Union, I had teachers who made me feel included each day of learning. I got to interact with them and get one-on-one with them to figure out where I was struggling. The One Subject Plan is very productive because each day of learning is equal to a week of learning at public school.

Ian McHarg, Student, Class of 2024

A huge factor for us in choosing FUMA was of course the academic regimen that the school has in place: The One Subject Program. The One Subject Program has worked wonders for our son. When he was in public school in Northern Virginia, he was not motivated to thrive in the academic system. In fact, he considered himself a below average student and was not motivated to excel beyond that. Once school started at Fork Union, he very early on started to appreciate that he was able to go both wide and deep on the subject matter that he was studying. He felt that he was given a chance to be immersed in his work, ask questions, and learn about a particular subject he had no interest in prior to FUMA. Consequently, he is excelling in the One Subject Program format and was on the President’s List for the 10th Grade with a 4.0 GPA. He is on track to repeat his academic success from 10th grade and currently has a 4.0 GPA. Not bad for a kid who started out with a less than 2.0 GPA.

Derek, Parent

We found FUMA and never looked back. Not only did our son get a first rate education but he developed an incredible sense of confidence, discipline and empathy toward others. Our boy is growing into a man it was the best decision we ever made.

Rusty McGuire, Parent

I'm proud of the fact that the cadet's life has prepared my son for college, independent life, and more diversity. He has met people from all over the world, his sense of knowledge has been broadened, I believe he has matured and has grown up to be a little more well rounded. He was also able to choose all the sports he loves. Thanks for opening his eyes to MORE that life has to offer.

Selma Dandridge, Parent

I am most proud of my son's perseverance over the past four years at FUMA. The rigors of this experience has molded him into a great young man and prepared him for the challenges ahead. I think what contributed most to his success was the love and care provided to him from siblings, his parents, and the friendships he gained while studying at FUMA. This cadet learned to be disciplined in his academic studies, and proficient in his critical thinking skills. I expect nothing but great things from this young man going forward, and the impact FUMA has made on him and on his family will be something we reflect on forever. Thank you for making my son a better scholar, athlete, and human being.

Dr. Jordan, Parent
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