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Get Connected toTop-Fit Schools

You want to find the best educational experience for your child, and we can connect you to outstanding schools actively seeking students that match your preferences regarding location, school type, and academic, art, athletic, or specialty programs.

This no-cost service to parents and guardians also provides the unique opportunity to hear from colleges, universities, and trusted education partners. As parents, the sooner we engage in these conversations, the better prepared and empowered we’ll be to make these life-altering decisions.

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100,000+ families connected in the last three years.

How does it work?

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Account Creation

When creating an account with Admission.org and the SSAT, you’ll see the option to connect with schools and join this service at no cost to you. Already have an account? Check your connection status here.

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Education Preferences

Once an account is created, simply select your family’s education preferences—local or international, boarding or day, coed or single-sex, religious or secular, ballet or basketball (or both!). Update education preferences in your child’s profile here.

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Connecting with Schools

After completing sign-up, you’ll begin hearing from schools and trusted partners via email or postal mail who believe your child(ren) is a potential match for their programs. You’re welcome to respond to messages as you see fit, and you can opt-out of this communication at any time.‍

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Data Privacy

By joining this service, you agree to share information about your family's school preferences, SSAT score percentiles, mailing address, and email address. The complete list of data that may be shared is listed below. You can also see the organizations that may access your data through the following links: K–12 member schools, accredited colleges and universities, and trusted education partners that comply with our terms of use. For more details, please review The Enrollment Management Association's Privacy Policy.

Parent/Guardian Information

Email alias
Home address

Student Information

Date of birth
Native language
SSAT score ranges by percentile for each test section
Current grade
Current school type
Entering school year
Interests and activities
Interest in schools with religious affiliations
Email alias (If provided, we only share student emails with participating colleges and universities.)

What Our Schools Are Saying

Kristen Mariotti

Head of Enrollment Management

Emma Williard School in Troy, NY

"As a girls' school, it is wonderful to make strong connections with families specifically looking for this unique and empowering opportunity for their child. By matching these families early in the process, we can take down barriers and make the process more manageable for potential applicants."

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Start connecting today!

This unique opportunity to connect with private schools and colleges and universities is a win-win for families. By hearing from top-fit private schools, and beginning the higher education conversation, your family can better navigate the private school experience with an eye toward future aspirations. Already have an account? Check your connection status with the Existing Accounts button below.