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Let’s Talk About Financial Aid

Kristen Carey Power from EMA joins #admissionchat to discuss common questions families have about the private school financial aid process.

A banner image for #admissionchat featuring Dr. James Greenwood from Western Reserve Academy.

Let’s Talk About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. James Greenwood from Western Reserve Academy is featured on #admissionchat discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion in private schools.

Joshua Clark, TASIS The American School in England

Let's Talk About American and International Schools

Joshua Clark from TASIS England joins #admissionchat to discuss the differences between and the benefits of American and international schools.

Kila McCann from The Bolles School and Lisa Pelrine from Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall.

Let's Talk About Interviewing

Admissions leaders from Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall and The Bolles School join #admissionchat to discuss what they're looking for in private school interviews.

#admissionchat episode five with Victoria Muradi, Christine Thornton, Jeanette WooChitjian discussing the Character Skills Snapshot.

Let's Talk About the Character Skills Snapshot

Listen to admissions leaders discuss how their schools utilize the Character Skills Snapshot and why it's a good idea for applying students to take it.

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