Check out our collection of advice articles for tips on taking the SSAT and the Character Skills Snapshot.

An eight-grade student studying for the SSAT.

5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Feeling Good About the SSAT

Did you know that standardized test stress can impact performance? Learn how to help your child stay in the right frame of mind for the SSAT.

A male student takes the paper-based SSAT for a second time to improve his score.

How to Get Your Best Score on the SSAT

Learn the best strategies for improving SSAT test scores on the Middle and Upper Level versions with advice from the organization that created the SSAT.

A female student taking the SSAT.

Guessing on the SSAT: Good or Bad?

Is it good to guess answers on the SSAT? These pointers from the creator of the SSAT will help you better understand when guessing can help or hurt SSAT scores.

High school students volunteering for community service.

How to Stand Out With the Character Skills Snapshot

Learn how the Character Skills Snapshot helps your child's uniqueness stand out in the private school admission process.

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A close-up image of a student filling in answers on the SSAT paper test.

Which SSAT Testing Method Should Your Child Take?

With three SSAT testing methods to choose from—paper, Prometric, and at-home—how do you know which one is right for your child? Let’s take a closer look.

Students taking the paper SSAT in an exam classroom.

Understanding the SSAT: Test Options and Preparation Strategy

Learn which middle- and upper-level SSAT testing option—paper, Prometric, and at-home—is best for your child, along with best-practice preparation strategies.

A male high school student laughing at a teacher's joke.

The Hidden Benefits of The Character Skills Snapshot

Should your child take the Snapshot? Learn how this character assessment is much more than a private school admission tool.

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#admissionchat episode five with Victoria Muradi, Christine Thornton, Jeanette WooChitjian discussing the Character Skills Snapshot.

Let's Talk About the Character Skills Snapshot

Listen to admissions leaders discuss how their schools utilize the Character Skills Snapshot and why it's a good idea for applying students to take it.

#admissionchat (Page Advice)
A group of students laughing and working together on a school project.

Preparing for the Character Skills Snapshot: What Every Family Needs to Know

Your child is taking the Character Skills Snapshot, and you're wondering: How can they prepare? The short answer is that they don't, but there's more to know.

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