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Go Beyond the Traditional at Tabor

At Tabor, we go beyond the usual school experience. We bridge the gap between subjects—from hydroponics to history, biology to literature, sailing to ceramics—in a relevant, hands-on approach. Our students grasp the importance of diverse thought and how it can lead to innovative solutions in a continually evolving world.

Our waterfront school can be your second home; you'll not only expand your existing interests but also discover new ones. This ripple effect of curiosity and learning broadens your knowledge, while helping us all grow as a vibrant, well-rounded community.

A Tabor student looking into a microscope.


Test yourself, apply your knowledge and develop your skills across the curriculum through the arts, mathematics, humanities, engineering, sciences, leadership experiences and more. Ambitious peers and faculty mentors will inspire and support you to dig deeper and go further than you thought possible.

A Tabor sailboat on the open ocean.

School by the Sea

From the experiential learning our marine and nautical science electives offer to the unique leadership lessons learned aboard the SSV Tabor Boy; to the academic, service, and citizenship possibilities, along with excellent sports and recreation options, Tabor is perfectly situated as a place of personal and transformative learning.

Tabor's lacrosse goalie pivoting in the open field.


At Tabor, your child will excel because our team inspires student athletes to bring out the best in themselves and each other. Working in synergy to engage each individual, our coaches prepare athletes to improve, excel, and overcome challenges, be it high-level play in our ISL level competitions or by simply learning the basic skills of a new sport.

Students holding up a Tabor banner in China.

Global Community

From our international students to our global learning and travel experiences, we're a school in Marion, with connections around the world.

Tabor students working the pottery wheels.

Visual & Performing Arts

From choral music to ceramics, digital art to drama, and more, you can find your passion to pursue. Students can choose from a wide range of electives, advanced topic courses, and afternoon activities, providing ample opportunities for you to cultivate your creative side.

Tabor students in an observatory looking into a telescope.

Senior Projects & Independent Study

Take your passions and dive deep into studies ranging from astronomy—using our Edmunds Observatory—to Marine and Nautical Science, engineering, entrepreneurial studies, and more.

Real Talk

"Tabor cultivates kids who are great advocates for themselves. They grow into adults here.They learn to really speak up for themselves. They know what they want and go after it."

Tabor Parent

"If I see someone who needs more support or challenge, I can tailor what I’m teaching. We group by ability, but the real tailoring happens during office hours and 1:1."

Tabor Teacher

"Tabor offers purpose, place, and comfort, and kids excel. Students find friends and mentors and they are encouraged to excel and perform. Belonging is everything."

Tabor Parent

“One of my favorite parts of being a faculty member is serving as an advisor. Each year, I get to meet new students and guide them through their Tabor journey. From discussing topics ranging from academics to social-emotional wellness, to planning out their sports and activities and just discussing our days, advisory is another way for us to connect with students and build bonds that last beyond just the four years that they spend here on campus. We become like a second family, and Tabor becomes their home away from home.”

Tabor Advisor‍
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