After months of researching schools, interviewing, and submitting applications, it's time to make the final decision. These tips will help you think it through.

A family posing for a group photo at a private school orientation.

What to Expect After Accepting Private School Admission

Unsure what happens after accepting private school admissions? Here's what to expect for a smooth transition into your child's new school.

#admissionchat graphic with pictures of Randie Benedict and Kitsana Salyphone.

Let's Talk About Admission Decisions

Randie Benedict from St. Anne's-Belfield School fields questions on everything from waitlists to financial aid appeals from parents mulling admission decisions.

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A podcast header graphic with a photo of Cammie Bertram.

Let’s Talk About Getting Waitlisted

Educational consultant Cammie Bertram joins the podcast to discuss the various waitlist scenarios families may encounter when applying to private schools.

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Two girls making new friends on a private school revisit day.

How to Make the Most of Private School Revisit Days

Before deciding upon a private school, it's a great idea to attend their admission revisit days. Here's how to gain new insight through these events.

A mother and daughter nervously learning that they have been waitlisted at their top-choice private school.

Waitlisted for Private School: What You Should Know

What does it really mean when your child is waitlisted at their top-choice private school? What are your options? How long will you wait? Learn more here!

Three parents talking about a private school after an admissions visit.

Considering Private School? 10 Questions To Ask Current Parents

With so many things to consider when choosing a private school, it can feel overwhelming. Talking to parents will get answers and help put your mind at ease.

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