Learn how to confidently navigate the private school application process with these helpful tips from your friends at

A family applying online to a private school with rolling admissions.

Rolling Admissions at Private Schools: What You Need to Know

Before applying to private schools with rolling admissions, there are some things you need to know about space availability, deadlines, and financial aid.

#admissionchat episode eight with Keri Allard, Madison Country Day School, and John Barrengos, The Putney School

Let’s Talk About Rolling Admissions

Learn about the different ways that private schools utilize rolling admissions, what it means for families, and what to plan for in this #admissionchat episode.

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A busy parent with to-do Post-It note reminders on her car's steering wheel.

How much time can I save with the SAO?

How much time can your family save applying to private schools with the Standard Application Online (SAO)? Learn how you can save 14 hours or more with the SAO.

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A student on a laptop working on her private school application essay.

Encouraging Your Child to Write a Self-Revealing Application Essay

Learn how to encourage your child to think retrospectively and write a self-revealing private school application essay that shows their unique qualities.

A parent filling our a private school application online with her daughter looking over her shoulder.

11 Parent Statement Tips for Private School Applications

How do you provide insight on application forms that help schools see your child’s unique qualities? These tips will help you cut through the clutter.

A family checking the status of their SAO application online.

Apply Smarter (Not Harder) With the SAO

Watch this recorded presentation to learn how to save time by submitting a single admission application to over 400 private schools.

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#admissionchat episode 6 featuring Jeanne Crowell from Princeton Day School and Sunaina Khanna from The Enrollment Management Association

Let’s Talk About the Standard Application Online (SAO)

Hear Jeanne Crowell from Princeton Day School and Sunaina Khanna from The Enrollment Management Association discuss applying to private schools with the SAO.

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A prospective student getting introduced to a teacher during a private school open house visit.

Private School Open House: What To Know Before You Go

Unsure about attending a private school open house? Here’s everything you need to know from what to wear to making a good impression with the admissions team.

A student writing his admission essay for a private high school.

How to Write an Awesome Private School Admission Essay

Private school admission officers read hundreds of application essays. Here's how your child's essay can stand out from the crowd.

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A teacher reading the recommendation letter she wrote for a student before sending it out.

Recommendation Letters: Who Should You Ask — And How?

Having trouble determining who to ask for private school admission recommendation letters — and how to go about asking them? We've got you covered!

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Kila McCann from The Bolles School and Lisa Pelrine from Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall.

Let's Talk About Interviewing

Admissions leaders from Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall and The Bolles School join #admissionchat to discuss what they're looking for in private school interviews.

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A boy in a COVID-19 mask is getting his temperature checked before entering his private school.

COVID-19 Continues to Impact Private School Applications

Private school applications submitted in September–January for 2021–2022 schooling are down with increases to specific grades. See what it means for families.

An eighth grade girl writes her first-choice letter to her preferred private school.

First-Choice Letters: Do they Help or Hurt Admission?

What are first-choice letters? Do they improve your child's chances of getting into private school? Learn what a longtime admission director has to say.

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The #admissionchat banner graphic featuring a picture of Kristen Carey Power.

Let’s Talk About Financial Aid

Kristen Carey Power from EMA joins #admissionchat to discuss common questions families have about the private school financial aid process.

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Students participating in a private school admissions group interview.

Understanding Private School Application Requirements

Private school applications may seem confusing at first, but there are common requirements that you can prepare in advance to save time. Let us show you.

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Nov 4, 2020

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