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Gain essential insight into the private school application process with Admission Academy, a yearlong program helping your family find, apply, and enroll at its best-fit school.

How can Admission Academy help your family?

What is the best educational environment for my child? How can we stand out in the application process? Will my family qualify for financial aid? Which school should we choose? When applying to private schools, questions are aplenty! 

Fortunately, you’re not alone on this journey. We can help.

Join Admission Academy for expert advice on everything from understanding application requirements and conducting virtual interviews to preparing for the SSAT and making that critical final enrollment decision.

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What’s Included

From the administrators of the SSAT, Admission Academy provides a full-year subscription to live content and on-demand resources packed with insight from top private school experts. Topics include choosing the best-fit school, affording private school, making the most of revisit days, boarding school life, and much more!

Live Expert Sessions

The biggest benefit of Admission Academy over our free resources on is gaining access to live webinars where you can ask your specific questions. 

Timely Resources

Our experts know the private school admission process inside and out, and they’re continuously releasing need-to-know information precisely when you need to know it.

Video Library

It’s no sweat if you can’t attend a live session because all recordings are available in Admission Academy’s extensive on-demand video library. You won’t miss a beat!

“I really liked the webinars because they helped us navigate financial aid as well as narrow down our school choices based on our needs. It was great to hear everything simplified.”

Kim (Parent)
Enrolled in Admission Academy

“The speaker was so knowledgeable and comprehensive in his presentation that my questions were being answered throughout the webinar before even asking them.”

Patricia (Parent)
Enrolled in Admission Academy

“During the Financial Aid presentation, I learned more about what items I would need for the forms when the time came to start applying. I liked how everything was taken step by step and we were given the opportunity to ask questions during and after the webinar.”

Yeneisy (Parent)
Enrolled in Admission Academy

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$99 per year (or free with an SSAT fee waiver)

Admission Academy subscriptions last for a year from your signup date. You can enroll at any time, but there’s no time like the present to give your family a leg up on the private school application process. For an SSAT fee waiver, please inquire with a member school's admission office to see if your family qualifies.

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Your private school journey starts here!

Welcome to the first step on the path to the school of your dreams! Curated by your friends at The Enrollment Management Association, creator of The SSAT, is your resource for navigating the K–12 private and independent school admission process.

Get ready to get in.

Looking for hands-on, comprehensive help along the way? Admission Academy is a yearlong family program with exclusive on-demand resources, live sessions, and more.
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Start Your Private
School Journey

Whatever your reason for exploring a private school education, here’s everything you need to know to move forward in the admission process. 

Step 1


Before you can find your child's best-fit school, you need to know what it looks like. Start your journey by doing some homework.

First, explore your options with the SSAT School Search Tool, which allows you to find and search for schools that accept the Standard Application Online (SAO).

Next, compare your top schools—no travel required. Attend an upcoming Virtual School Fair to connect with admission representatives from schools in the U.S. and Canada.

Step 2

Prepare for School

Once you find potential schools for your child, it’s time to begin the admission process. There is a lot to know and do before you submit your applications.

Step 3


Your student is now prepped, assessed, and focused on their dream schools. What’s next?

Step 4


Congratulations! You’ve found and applied to a school that serves your family’s needs. Now, you need to wait for an enrollment decision.

Most schools will inform you of their decisions in early March: you may be accepted, declined, or added to the waiting list. Once your student is enrolled, they can begin planning their schedule—and their new life—at their dream school.

Remember: you don’t have to navigate this process alone! Enroll in Admission Academy for a full year of admission advice and insights.

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A year-long family program to help you find and apply to your best-fit school. Gain exclusive access to on-demand resources, live sessions, virtual school fairs, and more.

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Admission Advice

Explore tips and resources for every step in the K–12 private school admission process.

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