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Do private schools offer scholarships?

Last updated: 
December 15, 2023

Some private schools offer merit scholarships awarding academic, artistic, athletic, or community achievements. There are also nonprofits, civic organizations, corporations, and religious groups in the United States that provide need-based education scholarships.

How to get a private school scholarship?

Start as early as possible and be aware that scholarship hunting is time-consuming. K–12 scholarship opportunities have different application deadlines and requirements, and many require an essay from the student, so it’s important to give your family plenty of time to identify the best-fit scholarships and submit a thorough application.

  • Ask the private schools you intend on applying to about their scholarship opportunities and application requirements.
  • Check with any organizations you belong to and your employer to see if they offer scholarships.
  • Search online for scholarship opportunities in your state or those related to the student’s interests and abilities.
  • Review the NAIS list of scholarship opportunities.
  • Students of color can apply to A Better Chance for assistance with enrolling in private schools and finding scholarships.
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