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Are you a Foxcroft girl?

Surrounded and supported by talented educators who create experiential, highly personal lessons, Foxcroft girls see each day of their education as an opportunity to explore and collaborate. They become not just leaders, but fearless leaders on a lifelong quest for learning—one that doesn’t stop at college. Rider, athlete, or artist, they say yes to a fast-beating heart, a leading role, an FXC chant. And with a campus and daily schedule that intentionally provide plenty of space to reenergize, there are lots of adventures to be had. They come together countless times throughout the school year to rejoice in traditions of competition, camaraderie, and community, as relevant today as when Foxcroft was founded in 1914.

The result? A global sisterhood. Group texts that stay active for years after graduation. Connections that strengthen as girls change and grow. Friendships that they travel across the country—and the world—to keep.

A Foxcroft student measures the water temperature in a stream.

Academic Concentrations

Foxcroft's Academic Concentrations program allows students to focus their studies in one of four specific areas—Fine Arts, Humanities, STEM, and Integrated Studies—above and beyond the graduation requirements, providing the opportunity to learn and develop their passions outside of the traditional classroom experience.

Two Foxcroft School students working on a robotics project.


STEAM at Foxcroft is taught through lessons with real-life application, inquiry-based assignments, and hands-on projects. Special programs including an annual STEM Challenge, Purdue's EPICS curriculum, computer science courses, robotics competitions, STEAM seminars, and more provide girls with a robust program, in and out of the classroom.

A Foxcroft student dressed in an automobile racing uniform standing before her car.

Exceptional Proficiency

For girls who demonstrate a special ability and compelling dedication in a given area, the Exceptional Proficiency (EP) program allows them to pursue their dreams and goals while spending time away from campus to train and compete at a high level.

A Foxcroft Student riding a horse with her equestrian instructor looking on.


Foxcroft's Riding program is tailored to meet each girl's needs, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Riders can compete regularly at rated shows or simply ride for pleasure. Foxcroft's riding instructors promote the philosophy that the sport helps develop character and the ability to make good decisions.

A group of Foxcroft School students and their advisor forming hearts with their hands.


Each girl at Foxcroft establishes a special, unique relationship with her faculty advisor. Through weekly meetings, shared meals, and other activities, girls find their advisors to be a source of support away from home. Advisors are there for girls to talk about whatever is on their minds and help them solve problems.

Two Foxcroft students walking arm-in-arm wearing separate "fox" and "hound" jerseys.

Fox/Hound Tradition

Since 1914, Fox/Hound has been a favorite tradition between the Foxes and Hounds, two spirited groups that wage friendly battle against each other in competitions throughout the year. Every member of the Foxcroft community is chosen as a Fox or a Hound. Senior student leaders (known as officers and mascots) organize and run events.

Real Talk

"I'll always cherish the opportunities that the riding program has given me, whether that's having my horse with me on campus or competing out of state."

Chiara D., Current Student, Class of 2025

"In this community, there never seems to be a dull moment—our bonds are unbreakable. You are guaranteed to graduate here with lifelong friends, core memories, and life lessons. I wouldn’t change a thing."

Marley F., Current Student, Class of 2024

"Here at Foxcroft, grades are important —don't get me wrong—but more than that, the teachers here allow us to personalize our learning and support us to think outside the box, which allows a great deal of flexibility in the learning process."

Maeve M., Alumna, Class of 2022

"As a showjumper and member of the Exceptional Proficiency program, I spend three to four months away from school each year. In all my years of absences at different schools, I have never felt more loved and looked after than I do at Foxcroft."

Wilhelmina M., Aluma, Class of 2023

"If you come to Foxcroft, you will be welcomed by an inclusive community and you will find your friends. To me, my fellow classmates are like family to me, and I know they have my back."

Camie D., Current Student, Class of 2024
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