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Personalized Life-Changing Opportunities

Miss Hall’s is a place of movement and action, collaboration and adaptation, where experiences are tailored both to the needs of our students and the demands of our world. Here, each student shapes our culture and community: if you want to raise awareness, start a club, or create a new tradition, you can! Personalized mentoring combined with countless leadership opportunities provide moments of practice that will launch you on a career path that lights you up.  We know how to do this: Miss Hall’s has been delivering exceptional academics, forging authentic connections, and maximizing girls’ potential since 1898.

Nestled in the heart of a world-renowned cultural center, Miss Hall’s is surrounded by creativity and innovation. You will be enriched by visual and performing arts, a pioneering ethos, and thriving non-profits. Our exceptional STEM curriculum includes a Department of Engineering and Technology Innovation that capitalizes on this pioneering environment and Humanities courses that incorporate local and global perspectives into essential learning. Inspired mentors will empower you to realize your fullest potential as a citizen of the world. At Miss Hall’s, you will reach farther than you thought possible, alongside peers who, like you, seek out the thrill of new discoveries.

Miss Hall's School students conducting a lab test.

Advanced Studies

Your personalized path begins with academic counseling in the first year, progresses to exciting, dynamic Hallmark courses that encourage abstract thought, and culminates in superb college placement.

A Miss Hall's School student conducting a lab test during an internship.

Horizons Internship Program

Through our signature Horizons program, you will develop as a leader, an advocate, and a professional. Best of all: you get to build the Horizons experience that suits you.

A Miss Hall's School student speaking into a microphone.

Leadership Development

Miss Hall's is the leader in girls' leadership. Whether an ambassador or an activist, a planner or performer, you will help shape our community.

A Miss Hall's teacher talking to her advisees outside on campus.

Personal Team

A connected circle of teachers, counselors, and peers is dedicated to supporting, guiding, and cheering you on. Here, nobody falls between the cracks.

Two Miss Hall's School students posing in front of a multi-colored mural.

Berkshires Immersion

With 75+ off-campus internship opportunities, you will be deeply connected to the rich cultural, professional, and natural resources of the world-renowned Berkshires in the heart of New England.

Miss Hall's School students walking across campus and laughing.

Global Community

Each student is known and seen at Miss Hall’s, and you will be inspired to share your passions, language, and culture—and to learn from vibrant and diverse peers from 24 countries.

Real Talk

"I see the light shining bright in her and her creativity is expanding! She is enjoying every minute at Miss Hall's andI am enjoying the peace of mind that comes from her being in a positive and safe place."

Kim, Parent, 2027

"Miss Halls fosters an environment that opens possibilities and encourages individuals to explore their passions, take initiative, advocate for themselves, and be leaders."

Iva, Student, 2024

"My friends are captains of sports teams, volunteers at local organizations, and helping hands in the community. Most of all, they are the embodiment of boldness."

Cherish, Alum, 2023, Harvard University Class of 2027

"I knew leaving Miss Hall’s that I liked biology and wanted to help people. I worked at a pediatrics practice as my Horizons site and went on to the University of Pennsylvania and then medical school to become a primary care physician. Being part of a well-established internship program at such a young age gave me early exposure to the medical field."

Dr. Slavin, Alum, 2007

"As the mom of an international student who attended Miss Hall’s for four years, this school exceeded every expectation I had for Kathleen. Even throughout a global pandemic, the life-changing experiences at Miss Hall’s did not stop. Kathleen now presents and advocates for herself confidently and is thriving at the college of her choice!"

Tran Tich Huong Dinh, Parent, 2022
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