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Boys the World Needs

At the Browning School, we put the development of boys at the heart of everything we do. Since 1888, we have been committed to boys’ education and we remain unsurpassed in our commitment to using research-based methods to teach our students.  

Our faculty are both teachers and scholars of boys, and inspire our young men to find themselves in intellectual accomplishment and moral integrity. Our commitment to understanding boys manifests itself in programming that emphasizes character education, service learning, critical thinking, and the practical application of knowledge.

From the early years of kindergarten through the senior years of high school, our school’s culture and practice speak to the deepest needs, desires, and abilities of boys seeking to lead lives of significance. Central to that is our focus on forming deep relationships with and between our students. We believe that when students are known and valued, real academic excellence will occur.

The Browning School students working on a robotics project.

Certificates of Distinction

Our signature program gives Upper School students the opportunity to pursue their academic passions, allowing them greater agency over their learning through independent inquiry

A Browning School student speaking into a microphone.

Boys' Education Redefined

At Browning, we focus on cultivating boys into healthy men with purposeful lives, rejecting outdated stereotypes. We actively teach essential skills and dispositions alongside academic subjects, fostering self-discovery, enriching relationships, and success in productive lives.

Two Browning School students sitting in the library and laughing.

Equitable Practices & Social Impact

Championing equity, diversity, and inclusion is a collective effort that enriches everyone. Collaborating inclusively, we invite all voices to contribute to creative solutions. Our emphasis on social impact empowers boys to make meaningful contributions to the world.

A teacher working with a Browning School lower school student.

Lower School Program

The Lower School years are truly a remarkable and exciting time in a boy’s life. Play, joy, and a sense of belonging are essential elements to creating an elementary school experience in which boys are ready to grow and learn.

A middle school student at The Browning School working on a project and smiling.

Middle School Program

During Middle School, boys experience learning with increased depth and relevance, turn passion into purpose, take ownership of their action, and develop life-long friendships.

Upper school students at The Browning School wearing safety glasses while conducting a science experiment.

Upper School Program

The Upper School at Browning offers high school students a transformative education, featuring exceptional academic programs alongside a diverse range of co-curricular and athletic activities to prepare them for college and life after Browning.

Real Talk

"Teachers really know the students here. Some people feel that a rigorous curriculum and love for students are mutually exclusive. But at Browning students learn because they are loved, and they feel safe."

Monica, Parent '30

"Our aha moment was seeing how Browning supports its students—both inside and out. Families can embrace the rigorous education here because of the school's commitment to wellness."

Alex, Parent '35

"I've been impressed by the care and special attention that teachers pay to not just the boys but also to their parents—it makes families feel like partners in their child's education."

Erica, Parent '36

"Parents get so much support through education to take them through their child's ages and stages of development."

Lidia, Parent '33

"Nothing prepared me more for my career in media than the exemplary faculty guidance I received as editor-in-chief of the Grytte newspaper."

Chris, Alumni '15
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