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Robyn is dedicated to creating digital content and products that will engage families and connect them with the private school community. She joined our team in 2015. Robyn was instrumental in bringing the online student practice program to fruition and enabling the pilot year program for our Character Skills Assessment (CSA).

A journalist by trade, Robyn spent much of her 16+ year career working for technology startups, where she investigated, reported on, and developed solutions to address website user needs. Most recently, she worked in education technology, building assessment and content item banks, college readiness tools and blogs, and domestic and global learning management systems.

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Guessing on the SSAT: Good or Bad?

Is it good to guess answers on the SSAT? These pointers from the creator of the SSAT will help you better understand when guessing can help or hurt SSAT scores.

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Dec 3, 2021
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