What accommodations will there be for students with disabilities, including students who require support services?

SSAT at Home Questions
August 6, 2021
August 5, 2021

We are committed to ensuring that test takers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations when taking the SSAT.

When scheduling for the SSAT at Home, your approved accommodations will be provided to PSI, our remote proctoring partner, who will administer your test.

Important notes:

  • If you require additional accommodations, beyond those already approved for your existing paper-based SSAT, please contact ta@enrollment.org and work with our accommodations staff BEFORE completing your test change to the SSAT at Home.
  • When completing a test change with approved accommodations, you may need to work directly with the PSI accommodations staff to schedule your appointment instead of using the online date/time selector. This ensures that the PSI secure testing system and remote proctors are fully prepared for your student's accommodations. You will be prompted by the scheduling system to call PSI directly if necessary.
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