What is the fee to change my SSAT test date?

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August 5, 2021

The following policies apply to SSAT changes:

SSAT at Home: Rescheduling is allowed until 72 hours before your scheduled test date and time, but you may NOT change your test format.

Prometric SSAT: Rescheduling at least 29 days before your test date is free; rescheduling between 3 and 28 days is subject to a $35 Prometric fee payable to Prometric; rescheduling 0-2 days before testing is not permitted; but you may not change your test format.

Paper SSAT (Standard or Flex): Changing your date, location, or test mode is allowed until 72 hours before your original test date (not test date and time); all paper-based changes are subject to a $45 fee.

For all changes, you must select a new test date that occurs before July 31 of the current school year. Note: not all test formats have availability until the end of July. If a technical issue with the SSAT at Home occurs after launching the test that prevents completion, additional test change options will be made available in your account the following day.

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