What should my student do with feminine hygiene products?

Misc SSAT Questions
January 1, 2023

Feminine hygiene products are handled differently depending upon the type of SSAT.

Paper-Based SSAT (Standard or Flex tests)
While students should generally have empty pockets, students may keep feminine hygiene products in a pocket or on their person. Test takers should not leave feminine hygiene products in their belongings they put into the prohibited items area, as student may not access those items during testing. If feminine hygiene products are accidently left in a bag or in the prohibited items area, the test taker should notify the proctor who can oversee the test taker accessing those feminine hygiene products while ensuring they do not access a cell phone, notes or other prohibited items.

Prometric SSAT
Prometric requires test takers to leave feminine hygiene products in a locker or with a parent/guardian. Test takers may access them and the restroom during any scheduled or unscheduled break.

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