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An Episcopal High School (VA) art teacher providing a student feedback on her work.


Episcopal 150+ course curriculum provides an outstanding liberal arts and sciences preparation. Students have the opportunity to choose from dozens of advanced courses to challenge themselves, distinguish their transcript, and prepare for success in navigating the college admissions process.

An Episcopal High School (VA) lacrosse player carries the ball downfield.


Episcopal offers 52 teams across 19 different sports. Episcopal’s athletic teams provide an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect. Whether you're aiming to play in college or trying a new sport, you'll be a part of something big at EHS.

An Episcopal High School (VA) students draws in her sketchbook outside of the Lincoln Memorial.


Episcopal High School brings the arts to life through visiting artists and by taking students to enjoy the numerous cultural resources of the nation’s capital. Art at EHS instills in students a lifelong commitment to the creative arts and the world of imagination. Students who wish to focus their talents and energies toward serious training in the arts over four years are able to prepare for an arts major or studies at the college level.

A group of Episcopal High Schools students laughing and posing together for the picture.

27/7 Community

On Episcopal's 130-acre residential campus, students and faculty live in a setting that promotes the camaraderie of common experience and lifelong friendships. EHS is 100% boarding and 100% community.

A group of Episcopal High School (VA) students posing for a picture outside of Martha's Table.

Experiential Learning

Established in 2018, the McCain-Ravenel Center for Intellectual and Moral Courage coordinates and supports signature initiatives at Episcopal, including the Washington Program, Global Programs, Leadership and Ethics, Outdoor Leadership, and Service and Civic Engagement. The center staff also help faculty and staff connect students with the resources of Washington and design programs that advance the mission of the School: to prepare young adults with intellectual and moral courage.

A chapel service at Episcopal High School (VA) with students in pews and the choir singing at the front.

Spiritual Life

Since its founding, Episcopal High School has maintained a commitment to developing the spiritual life of each student. As an Episcopal school we are a community that works to draw the circle wide to mirror the diversity of our community, including all faith traditions, cultures, races, gender and sexual identities, and community members who choose not to participate in organized religion.

Real Talk

"The community of Episcopal is irreplaceable and has not only impacted my view of life but my individual character. I have grown into a more independent person, which allowed me to become the best version of myself."

Leila B. '23

"Everyone at EHS puts a special emphasis on seeing our students as individuals, each as a whole person, so they feel cared for and have a sense of belonging."

Emily Straight, Wellness Coordinator, Parent '18 '21

"The Episcopal High School experience changed the entire trajectory of my life. The institution boasts first-rate facilities, a rigorous academic curriculum, world-class social immersion, dedicated character development programming, highly competitive athletic opportunities, and diverse/global perspectives. I owe my service-oriented mindset and much of my success as a professional to the four years I spent as a boarding student in this experiential incubator."

Matt Hurley, '08

"I think what sets Episcopal apart from other comparable boarding schools is its unique location. Situated right outside the nation's capital, EHS students are constantly exposed to the world beyond just the high school. Very few high schoolers have the opportunity to attend a presidential inauguration, tour the pentagon, or work for a senator, and these are all common occurrences for Episcopal students."

Anonymous '13

"EHS surpassed my expectation of how they would help my son mature and grow. The staff are all very caring and they go above and beyond what they are expected to do. My son has developed lifelong friendships, learned new skills, and I am very confident that he will be prepared and accepted into is dream college."

Anonymous, Parent '26
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