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Ignite Your Curiosity

As the nation’s third oldest independent school, Hopkins School welcomes high-achieving, motivated students who love to think and learn. If you’re intellectually curious and want to be inspired by other students who share your passion, Hopkins might be the place for you. 

We are committed to delivering an unparalleled educational experience that equips students with the tools they need for lifelong achievement and joy-filled discovery—from 7th–12th grade and then onto college and beyond.

Today’s Hopkins students will be called on to confront complex problems that may not yet be imagined—and they’ll be ready, thanks to training and practice in critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence, global awareness, continuous learning, resilience, digital fluency and ethical decision-making.

An intellectual curiosity pervades Hopkins School—inside our classrooms and across every aspect of a Hopkins education. Come join other motivated Hopkins students in a love of learning and a common pursuit of excellence.    

Hopkins School students sitting around a square classroom table.


Hopkins offers a broad, rich and challenging curriculum, promoting a strong foundation in the academic disciplines, a broad exposure to the liberal arts, and selective opportunities to pursue individual interests.

Hopkins School students working on a STEM robotics project.

Our Philosophy

The young people of Hopkins School are encouraged to develop the habits of mind of scholars. As students progress through the grades, the program becomes increasingly flexible and offers a wide array of electives beyond the core curriculum.

The Hopkins football team in a huddle.


At Hopkins, we’ve created a culture dedicated to perpetuating, fulfilling and celebrating athletics. The values of sportsmanship and camaraderie are essential to the Hopkins experience, an emphasis on teamwork and personal growth are hallmarks of our athletic program.

A Hopkins art student getting feedback from the teacher on a painting.


The arts program at Hopkins emphasizes experiential learning, taking risks, critique sessions, revision, and creative problem solving.  Students have many opportunities to share their art with the community through quality presentations.  

Hopkins Students sitting together and doing their homework at a picnic table outside.

Student Life

Hopkins is a close, supportive community where students feel an immediate sense of belonging. Student life at Hopkins provides daily opportunities for growth, connection and unforgettable memories.

A Hopkins student reviewing information on a laptop with his college counselor.

College Counseling

In support of the Hopkins mission, “the breeding up of hopeful youths…,” the College Counseling Office provides individualized guidance and support while fostering student engagement in the college search and application process.

Real Talk

"The lively discussions make the classes really interesting. When everyone’s participating, it makes you pay attention. It makes learning fun."

Margot, current student

"I'm a teacher and they're my students, but there's no wall separating us. It's just this really good relationship. It's the best part of my job."

Dr. Kellie Cox, Biology Teacher, Upper School

"The community at Hopkins is beautiful. Having people around you who say, 'I'm there for you; you can do this'—it’s just a great environment. It feels like one big family."

Ranease, recent alumna

"All the teachers are so willing to help. They do all they can to help you become your best."

Will, current student

"I feel fortunate to teach at Hopkins. It's a joy to teach students who are so eager to learn."

Joe Addison, English Department Chair
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