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Leave the Ordinary Behind at CSW

The Cambridge School of Weston has been at the forefront of educational innovation since our founding in 1886. Our progressive pedagogy is rooted in the student-centered philosophy of John Dewey, who advocated active, experiential learning within a curriculum designed to accommodate the interests of individual students. In his eyes-and ours-education is not simply the acquisition of content and proficiency. It’s also a way for students to develop and refine the skills required to become informed, engaged, and effective participants in a democratic society.

We believe that the world needs such citizens-individuals who not only have technical competence and skill, but who are also awake to their unique talents and who have developed ways to bring their distinctive skills and perspectives to what the world will ask of them. Our program develops students’ abilities to explore and engage with curiosity, courage, self-awareness, discipline, open-mindedness, and a sense of personal responsibility. Purposeful classroom experiences and assessments allow students to develop and practice independent thinking, critical analysis, imaginative problem-solving, productive collaboration, and constructive risk-taking.

We value creative process and challenge our students to push beyond perceived limitations and to make their work personally meaningful. We believe in the power of our approach to be transformative.

A CSW teacher speaking to two students at a table.

Academic Program

Our academic program offers breadth, depth, and intensity you won’t find at another high school. You’ll choose from over 250 classes to craft a highly personalized schedule that prepares you for the rigor of college study, allows you to dive into current areas of interest, and invites you to explore new fields of study.

A chart of The Cambridge School of Weston's module system.

The Module System

The Module System, also known as the Mod Plan, has been the cornerstone of our distinctive academic approach since 1973. Today, the Mod Plan continues to evolve in dynamic ways to meet the needs of our students, offering them the opportunity to take an active part in shaping their educational experience.

A CSW basketball player going up for a fast-break layup.


The Cambridge School of Weston Athletics provides a competitive and developmental program that strives to cultivate each student’s appreciation for the lifelong benefits of physical activity by providing inclusive athletic opportunities for all.

CSW students cleaning brush out of an overgrown garden.

Social Justice Requirement

CSW is proud to be the first independent school in the country to include a Social Justice Requirement among our graduation requirements—evidence of our deep commitment to cultivating engaged citizens with global consciousness and a sense of social responsibility.

Two CSW students working on paintings of apples.

Visual and Performing Arts

The arts are a vital and integral part of CSW's academic program. Our commitment to the arts stems from our belief that creativity and the willingness to take risks is central to a meaningful education. Coursework in the arts, both visual and performing, carries as much weight, rigor, and discipline as traditional academic subjects.

Students investigating a tidal pool.

Off Campus Study

The flexibility within our Mod Plan allows for students to travel for a mod (3-5 weeks) to study: Spanish and ecology in the rainforests of Central America; French language, history, and culture in Paris; Mandarin and the arts in Taiwan; or marine life at Maine's Hurricane Island

Real Talk

Our family lives in a town blessed with high-performing public schools, but we worry about the emphasis on standardized tests and the college application "arms race."  We work in K-12 education and care a lot about HOW schools teach. Our boys are bright and creative problem-solvers who LOVE to learn when they are in charge of their own learning--building computers, drones, and robots, searching for "how to" videos online, teaching themselves hands-on skills. Too much of middle school felt like stacks of worksheets that left them uninspired.  CSW encouraged them to "think outside the box" and to be  *engaged* in their high school experience.Today, our sons both study mechanical engineering at a great university. They said they were incredibly well prepared for their calculus and engineering classes, and also with college level writing, and the application process wasn't stressful: the counselors at CSW made the whole endeavor feel shockingly humane.

Mike, Parent '20, '22

One of my favorite classes at CSW has been "Food, Justice, Power." I learned about how access to food affects social structures and how those structures play a role in defining power dynamics around the world. Our teacher always applied what we were learning to iconic pop culture moments and items—from Coca-Cola to The Breakfast Club—deepening our understanding and providing context for the material at hand.

MJ, Student '26

The people at CSW have helped me grow my emotional intelligence. I have formed deep connections with my peers and teachers, developed an educated approach to social interactions, and learned a lot about people in general. The values CSW upholds have shaped my openness to other people's perspectives. I am able to think clear-headed about each side of an argument, which helps me learn more from each conversation and debate that I have.

Elijah, Student '24

My experiences at CSW have given me the opportunity to grow as a leader and consider how my leadership impacts my various communities.

Lia, Student '25

As a student at CSW, I have developed the skill of hard work. Many classes have driven me to my intellectual limits so I have acquired a very strong work ethic. Because classes at CSW are so stimulating and thought-provoking, I have gained the skill of critical thinking as well. Finally, I see myself as a collaborator due to how CSW has prompted me to think and talk with the people around me. CSW stresses a positive environment where students work together rather than against each other.

James, Student '24
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