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Unlocking Student Potential Since 1904

The Knox School is Long Island’s oldest established, co-educational private school. Our inclusive environment serves grades 6–12 and Post-Graduate, providing students with a broad world perspective and a wide range of skills to prepare them for the next phase of their journeys. At Knox, everyone knows your name, and each student’s potential is unlocked and maximized because of the boundless experiences a Knox education provides. We are proud of our 100% graduate acceptance rate to top four-year universities. Whether you are an aspiring engineer or entrepreneur, artist or architect, performer or physicist, a Knox education unlocks every student’s potential and prepares them for success after high school.

A Knox Student looking at a college brochure with his counselor.

College Counseling

Leave college counseling to Knox—it’s just one of the many benefits students and parents deserve when investing in a private school education.

Knox School students working on an electronics project.


Through hands-on, engaging activities that extend beyond the walls of the classroom, Knox students come to realize that science is more than facts.

To Knox School students working on a pottery project.

Visual Arts

The Knox School’s history of art and culture goes back to 1904 with Founder Mary Alice Knox’s vision to provide a progressive education, rich in art and music.

Knox School students on stage performing in a musical production.

Performing Arts

Whether you've already discovered a passion for the arts or are looking to explore your creativity, Knox Performing Arts can help unlock YOUR potential.

A Knox School volleyball player giving the camera two thumbs up.


Knox believes in fostering the love of sport among athletes of all skill levels, helping them to make strides in their personal development.

A group of Knox School students cheering during Gym Night.

Student Experience

Knox is a unique community with long-standing traditions designed to build deep and meaningful relationships where friends become family.

Real Talk

"Knox has taught me amazing skills that have helped me learn the proper way to study, and educate myself while implementing the things I’m learning in class, and taught me more about the best way to maximize the efficiency of education, helping me prepare for the next level."

Declan, Student '23

"Knox has helped me become a more outspoken and vibrant person. I’ve met people from all over the world, and that compelled me to get involved and learn more about my community. I’ve become a more informed person as well."

Zainab, Student '23

"Knox gave us so many resources to be successful. Our college counselor taught us how to apply for college properly and use the Common Application to get into our dream schools. The Knox School provided many great AP courses to improve students’ academic ability. I was introduced to my favorite sport at Knox, Badminton. The campus environment of Knox made me more independent and develop life-long life skills."

Kimi, Student '23

"I loved being a part of the Equestrian Program here at Knox. It was a home and a family for me as an international student. The class sizes were perfect for me so I could get the absolute most out of every class that I was a part of. The staff and faculty here are so invested in the students doing well and succeeding."

Yvonne, Student '23

"I came to Knox as a seventh grader and received amazing support to build my English skills. The Knox administrators and staff truly care about every student’s success and are highly qualified to deliver the best education that is possible. My goal was to get into my dream school – New York University – and the education I received at Knox helped me achieve an Early Decision to NYU. My parents want to give a big thanks to Knox for the invaluable education, and it has been my pleasure to be a Knox student!"

Simon, Student '21
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