Can my student bring and use their Inhaler or Epi-pen on test day in case of emergency?

August 6, 2021

We recognize the importance of permitting students access to necessary emergency medical equipment when completing the SSAT. Students who require access to epi-pens and/or inhalers ONLY for emergency purposes during testing are not required to request access to these items as an accommodation.

  • The student must advise the proctor or test administrator they have an emergency inhaler or epi-pen.
  • If the inhaler is regularly used as a medication and is not strictly for emergency purposes, it must be requested as an accommodation.
  • Medications: If your student has an alternate medication that must be administered during testing, this must be approved as an accommodation in advance of registering for any SSAT. Families should select "Prescription Medication with Water" when submitting any application for accommodations.
  • Students must be able to self-administer their medication.
  • Medications must be contained in an original prescription bottle with the student's name printed on the label.
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