Are students able to bring and use scratch or graph paper to help them problem solve when taking the SSAT?

August 4, 2021

Scrap paper or a place to figure is always allowed. Its format does vary upon the testing mode. Students may not use graph paper unless they have applied and been approved for graph paper as a testing accommodation due to a disability.

For paper-based SSAT's, like a Flex test or Standard test, your student will receive a piece of scrap paper during the writing sample portion only. During the multiple-choice sections, your student may use the extra blank space in the test book for figuring but they will not be allowed scrap paper.

For the SSAT at Home, your student may use two pieces of blank paper. Lined paper or fully blank paper is acceptable. The student should be prepared to have the scrap paper ahead of testing and be prepared to show each side is blank.

For a Prometric SSAT, your student will be provided a small dry erase board and marker, which can be used during the entire test.

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