Does EMA provide enlarged font versions of the SSAT?

August 4, 2021

Yes, the font and spacing of the SSAT may be adapted to accommodate the needs of any student with a disability; however, this will require the family to apply and be approved for the requested materials prior to registering for testing.

In some cases, if the requested font or spacing is highly specialized, it may require EMA additional time to adapt the test to the requested specifications and could delay a student's ability to sit for testing pending the creation of the materials.

Most commonly, students are approved for access to Large Print Test Materials which includes 22pt. font. Any specialized request for an alternate format will need to have specifications entered as an "Other" accommodation with supporting documentation recommending the requested accommodation.

Students approved for the use of a large print test materials will have the modified test book provided to them on test day when sitting for a paper-based SSAT.

Large print test materials are shipped, on an as-needed basis, to any test center where an approved student is registered.

Any student approved for large print test materials who chooses to take the computer-based SSAT will have the ability to use the ZOOMTEXT feature. This will allow the student to zoom in and out to adjust text size during all test sections, as necessary.

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