How do I apply for SSAT accommodations?

July 30, 2021

Students in need of testing with accommodations are required to apply AND receive approval for any accommodations they may need when taking the SSAT. No testing accommodations will be provided on test day unless they have been approved by us in advance of test day. To apply, please follow the steps below.

Additional information for students regarding documentation requirements, deadlines, etc., can be found by visiting the SSAT Accommodations page.

SSAT Accommodations Application Process

Start by logging in to your SSAT Account. If you don't have an SSAT account, select "Sign Up for a Parent/Guardian and Student Account" to create one.

EMA account login screen.

From the main account screen, click on the "SSAT Testing" menu and choose "Apply for / View my Accommodations."

SSAT Testing menu options.

On the following screen, click "Apply for Testing Accommodations."

Apply for Testing Accommodations button.

The accommodations form begins with must-know information about the application process. For further clarification, click on any of the learn-more links to At the bottom of the page is a button to start the accommodations request.

A screenshot outlining the review and approval process for SSAT accommodations.

Accommodations Application

The first section of the application form asks for background information on the student's disability. If the student's disability corresponds to one listed, please select it. Choosing "Other" will require you to submit documentation so we can best review the student's needs.

The disabilities section of the SSAT accommodations application.

Next, select the accommodations you are requesting for the student. Choosing "Other" will require supporting documentation.

The requested accommodations section of the SSAT accommodations application.

Next, list the contact and the related information for the individual you are listing as an approver who can:

  • Verify the need
  • Has documentation on file that meets SSAT requirements

Please note: If the "Relationship to Student" field is NOT "School/Education professional at your student's school," you must submit documentation.

The approver section of the SSAT accommodations application.

In the Documentation section, indicate the documentation your approver has on file for your student. Please note: Selecting "Option 2" requires submitting the documentation so we can best review your student's needs.

Once you've completed this section, click "Continue."

The documentation section of the SSAT accommodations application.

Documentation Submission

Option 1: Not Required

The form will indicate whether additional documentation is required based on the information entered and your student's testing needs. The example below shows the screen's appearance when no documentation is needed.

A screenshot showing the message that no additional documentation is required.

Option 2: Required

The example below shows the screen's appearance when additional documentation is required before accommodations can be approved and provided for testing. The form will explain why documentation is needed. Learn more about documentation requirements.

A screenshot showing the message that additional documentation is required.

If documentation is required, the form asks how you will provide it, which can be done by uploading it to the form or delivering it via mail or fax.

A screenshot showing the options for submitting documentation.

The final step is the terms and conditions. Type your name to sign electronically and click "Submit."

A screenshot of the terms and conditions with a box to sign electronically.

The form will confirm your submission, and you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive application update emails throughout the review process and, upon completion, to let you know when to register for testing with the approved accommodations.

Final Notes

  • If you do not receive emails indicating that your approver has completed their confirmation or submitted ID confirmation within a reasonable amount of time, contact your approver.
  • If you are required to submit documentation, remember that a review of your student's application cannot begin until it is received AND your approver has completed their confirmation and submitted identification.
  • All test takers MUST be approved for any necessary accommodations before registering for any SSAT test date with accommodations.

Email or contact our support team at 1-609-683-4440 if you have any questions.

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