How do I approve accommodations?

April 14, 2023
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The step-by-step SSAT accommodations approval process for designated approvers is below. Additional information regarding documentation and eligibility requirements to serve as an approver can be found by visiting the SSAT Accommodations page.

SSAT Accommodations Approval Process

Request for Approval Email

When a student completes a request for testing accommodations, approvers receive an email requesting their approval. The email outlines who is qualified to approve accommodations and includes a link to the online approval form.

A screenshot of the email requesting accommodations approval with the link to approve accommodations highlighted at the bottom.

To have the approval email resent, email

Security Code

Upon clicking the approval link, approvers must request a four-digit code to access the approval form by selecting "Request Code."

A screenshot of the initial accommodations approval page with an arrow highlight pointing out the orange "Request Code" button.

The code is sent to the same email address as the initial request email. Copy and paste the four-digit alphanumeric code into the form to proceed with the approval.

A screenshot of the security code email with the code highlighted.

After entering the security code into the form field, click "Apply Code." The screen will reveal the online approval form. If the requested code isn't received, check your spam filters, and if it isn't there, use the "Resend Code" feature. Allow a few minutes for a new code to be generated and sent to your indicated email address.

A screenshot of the security code entry screen with the Apply Code box and the Resend Code features highlighted.

If you have any issues with the security code process, please email

SSAT Accommodations Approval Form

1. Review the information at the top of the approval form to ensure you:

  • Qualify as an approver
  • Possess documentation on file that meets EMA requirements

Learn more about the documentation and approver requirements by visiting the SSAT Accommodations page.

2. Indicate the type of documentation you have on file for the student.

3. Approve/deny each requested accommodation.

A screenshot of the first part of the approval form showing radio buttons to select the forms of documentation and drop-down boxes to approve the requested accommodations.

Identity confirmation is also required. Please print the form from the link, sign it, and include your business card or a short letter to affirm your identity. For the fastest processing, scan or take a picture of the form with your business card or letter and email it to Mail and fax options are also available.

A screenshot of the identity confirmation section of the approval form.

Once identification is received, you will become a "known approver." As a known approver, you will not have to submit identification confirmation for the remainder of the current testing season, plus two additional testing seasons. During this time, the system will recognize you as a known approver when you approve a student's accommodations request; if it doesn't recognize your approved email address (your approver ID), enter it into the yellow box and click "Apply."

A screenshot of the identity confirmation portion of the approval form with the field for known approvers to submit their email address highlighted.

For the final step, accept the terms of being an approver by:

  • Checking the "I understand" statement, and
  • Typing your name to sign electronically

Click submit to finish.

A screenshot of the terms acceptance with the "I understand" statement and the field to type the approver's name highlighted.

The form will confirm your submission, and you will receive a confirmation email. Remember to send your identification if you still need to become a known approver. Your approval is not valid until identification is received and approved on file.

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