If I chose to wait to upload supporting documentation for my student's application for accommodations, how do I provide documentation after submission?

August 6, 2021

Documentation may be submitted in two different ways following submission of a student's application:

+ First, be sure you are logged in under your parent SSAT account.

+ Next, go to "SSAT Testing" and click on "Apply/View My Accommodations".

+ Then, Locate your student's pending application and click on the plus "+" sign at the far right of the blue strip.

After the selection has expanded, go ahead and click on the "Upload Documentation" button. Locate the saved electronic file you wish to upload, select, and submit.

Any user unable to complete this action for any reason may also choose to email the appropriate documentation as attachments directly to TA@enrollment.org. The documents will then be placed on file with your student's application and will be reviewed in the order received for acceptance/approval.

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