If my student is using a laptop to complete their writing sample on test day at a paper-based test center, how is the writing sample saved and how is it reported to schools?

August 4, 2021
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Please provide your student with either a USB flash drive or a rewritable CD (in addition to the approved laptop) on which to store their written work upon completion on test day.

While the student may request assistance from the proctor in saving their writing sample, it is the sole responsibility of your student to ensure that their writing sample has been successfully saved onto this device before submitting it for processing.

Any device used to save a student's writing sample will become property of EMA upon receipt and will not be returned after testing. Upon receipt back, the writing sample will be downloaded from the device and uploaded in our system to supplement your student's test score report. This writing sample will only be visible and available for download within the online account if you have selected to pay for a copy of your student's writing sample, whereas the schools receiving your student's scores will have access to the writing sample on their end.

It is recommended that families work with their student to practice saving documents to an external device ahead of test day to ensure that their devices are not sent back for scoring with no writing sample stored. If this occurs, the test score report will still be accessible; however, no writing sample will be made available to any receiving school.

For more information related to the rules and regulations that surround the laptop accommodation, please visit: https://www.ssat.org/about/accommodations#Common-Accommodations

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