Is there a way my student can practice the Prometric computer-based interface?

Prometric SSAT
January 1, 2000

Yes. You can access the Prometric sample user interface to try out the system.*

Please keep in mind that this general tutorial for all Prometric test takers includes many types of questions and question formats beyond what the actual SSAT includes, but it will provide students with a general idea of what to expect on test day. Remember, the SSAT only includes a writing sample and single-answer multiple choice questions. Additionally, disregard the sample tutorial's instructions on test scoring. For the SSAT, blank answers are NOT considered incorrect during scoring.

Please also note that the interface for taking the SSAT at Prometric is slightly different than the SSAT at Home interface.

*To use this tutorial, you will need to enable Flash in your browser for this tutorial to properly launch.

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