What are EMA's rules and regulations for the sign language interpreter accommodation on the SSAT?

August 6, 2021

-Students approved to have a sign language interpreter assist them during testing with the transmission and understanding of verbal test directions and general communication abilities, are responsible for identifying and providing this individual on test day when completing any computer-based or paper-based SSAT.

-Students assisted by a sign language interpreter MUST be tested individually to ensure the interactions between the student and the sign language interpreter do not disrupt the test taking of other students.

-If the student has a question for the test proctor, the sign language interpreter should relay the question to the proctor verbatim through spoken language, with the proctor's response to the question being relayed to the student using sign language as similar to the spoken language as possible.

Eligibility Requirements to Serve as a Sign Language Interpreter for the SSAT:

-MUST be at least 18 years of age

-CANNOT be a family member or guardian

-CANNOT be any individual who has provided the student with direct SSAT preparation services, and

-CANNOT be any individual who coaches or participates with the student in any athletic or extracurricular activity.

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