What are the responsibilities and requirements of the approver when approving an application for accommodations on the SSAT?

August 6, 2021
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The approver will be expected to complete their duties as outlined below. If for any reason the approver needs assistance in completing this process, they should reach out to EMA at TA@enrollment.org.

+ First, the approver will receive an email with a link to an online approval form.

+ Next, the approver will be required to request a security code via the link provided. This code will be emailed to their address on file and after entering the code, the form will be unlocked for completion.

+ Then the approver will need to complete the online form, indicating:

+ The type of documentation they have on file for the requesting student

+ An approval or denial for each requested accommodation

+ An electronic signature of the form

In addition, the approver will also be asked to print an Approver ID Form (included for download within the online approval form), sign it, and add a business card. If the approver doesn't have a business card, they can provide a brief statement on their organization's letterhead indicating their name, address, job title, responsibility for maintaining accommodation documentation, and that they are submitting the letter as verification of their identity for SSAT testing accommodations.

+ To submit the ID form online, they may take a picture of the form and business card/letter with a smartphone and email to ta@enrollment.org. The approver may also follow the instructions on the form to mail or fax; however, EMA strongly suggests sending as quickly as possible as an emailed attachment.

+ Lastly, EMA will confirm when each of the required actions has been completed by the designated approver.

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