What are the rules and regulations for 50% additional time when completing the SSAT?

August 4, 2021
  • Students testing with 50% additional time will be provided at least a five (5) minute break in between each section of any paper-based SSAT. All computer-based accommodated test takers with 50% additional time will follow the same break structure as the general testers due to test software programming restrictions, but the breaks provided will also be extended by 50% additional time.
  • Students testing with 50% additional time will automatically be placed in a small group setting of no more than 10 total students on test day.
  • Any student taking either a paper-based SSAT or a computer-based SSAT at Prometric with 50% additional time will be required to use or wait out the full amount of time allotted for each test section before they will be permitted to move on to the next section, even if the student has completed a section or indicates their readiness to move on. Those students who choose to take an At-Home SSAT will have the ability to choose to move on to the next section before the full time has elapsed for any test section or break time.

This timing information is applicable for those students taking the Middle (grades 5-7) or Upper (grades 8-11) Level SSAT. Please contact EMA if you would like more information regarding the additional time accommodation as it pertains to the Elementary Level (3rd and 4th grade) SSAT.

*Additional breaks between sections 1 & 2 and sections 3 & 4 of the SSAT will be provided ONLY to those students approved for any amount of additional time as a testing accommodation when completing a paper-based SSAT. Due to test programming differences between the computer-based and paper-based tests, students testing with 50% additional time at a Prometric test center will only receive breaks following the writing sample and Reading sections. Please review the computer-based testing schedule above for exact break timings.

**Due to time constraints, students completing the paper-based SSAT with additional time are NOT required to complete the experimental portion of the SSAT; however, any student completing the computer-based version of the SSAT will be required to complete this section due to test design.

***Test timings reflected in computer-based column are same for all SSAT At-Home and Prometric SSAT testing options.

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