What is an accommodations approver?

July 30, 2021

An approver is a qualified individual who can affirm that valid documentation meeting our requirements is on file with their school or organization, and that the student is known to have a disability requiring testing accommodations.

  • The approver listed on a student�s application for accommodations is recommended to be a practitioner or representative from the student�s current or previous school (ex. school psychologist, special education coordinator, counselor, school administrator, therapist, learning specialist, teacher, etc.).
  • The responsibility for maintaining these records varies from school to school, thus a specific role or job title is not required; however, this professional should be able to attest to the validity of your student�s disability and their resultant testing needs.
  • It may be appropriate to identify a medical practitioner involved in your student�s diagnosis or ongoing treatment for their disability; however, it is recommended that the family attempt to identify a school-based professional as they generally know a student�s educational testing needs best.
  • Any individual approving accommodations for a student must be a non-family member, regardless of the credentials held by a family member.
  • If any professional has provided direct SSAT test preparation services for your student, they are not eligible to serve as the approver of your student�s accommodations for the SSAT.


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Testing Accommodations FAQ