What types of documentation can be submitted to substantiate my student�s application for accommodations?

July 30, 2021

Any documentation which highlights your student�s educational testing needs resulting from an identified disability or impairment may be considered. Any documentation submitted for review MUST:

-list or reflect a history of a disability

-illustrate that the indicated disability substantially limits a major life activity

-illustrate that the accommodations requested are necessary and/or reasonable for the student

-And be dated within three (3) years from the date your student�s submitted application for accommodations

If any further documentation is needed to move forward with approving your student�s application, EMA will contact you directly. For more information regarding EMA's documentation requirements, please review the Testing Accommodations Guide for Students available at https://www.ssat.org/testing/accommodations/guide-for-students.

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Testing Accommodations FAQ