Why is there a listing of "Other" on the application for accommodations? What does this mean?

SSAT Accommodations
August 6, 2021
August 6, 2021

The "Other" entry fields found within the application for accommodations allows for families to both request accommodations that may not be selectable from the menu available and to provide additional information related to a student's disability. If possible, it is recommended that the use of these fields be avoided, if possible, as these unique entries may cause the review and approval process to be extended unnecessarily.

All applications containing requests for “Other” testing accommodations will be considered and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. EMA may require additional time to work with testing locations to setup and provide uncommon or “other” testing accommodations. EMA will work diligently to provide all approved accommodations; however, certain "Other" accommodation requests may cause delays in testing so that we may procure the necessary facilities and staffing to meet your student’s testing needs.

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