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Should I bring my child to an admissions open house?

Last updated: 
October 24, 2023

Private school admissions open houses are meet-and-greet events for large groups designed to introduce families to the school and its admissions team. These events provide information on the school’s educational philosophy, programs, facilities, and application procedures. 

Whether or not to bring your child to an open house typically depends on the child’s age and grade. At the elementary level, it’s best to keep children at home if possible, as the event is typically geared toward parents. That said, check with the school, as they may have activities planned to entertain and introduce potential students to the school. 

Admissions teams expect to see students at the middle and high school levels at open houses. At these age groups, students are more involved in the school selection process, and the open house allows them to form their first impressions without the pressure of prepping for an interview. The extra opportunity to see the school and meet the admissions team can help students relieve anxiety and feel more comfortable with the subsequent interview process.

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