What items are prohibited during the SSAT at Home?

SSAT at Home
January 1, 2000

Students should only have access to those materials approved for testing. All other items are prohibited. In general, your student should have a "clean desk" area free from all other items.

Prohibited items:
All electronics, such as: calculators, cell phones (must be off), fitness trackers, media players, all watches*, headphones or earbuds.
Personal items, such as: backpacks, bags, large jewelry, purses. Clothing, such as coats, hats (those worn for a sincere religious beliefs are allowed), hoodies with hood up.
Other items: books, erasers, mechanical pencils, pens, rulers. Snacks and other food items are not permitted during testing.

* Regular and smart watches are prohibited.

Allowed items: Students may have two blank pieces of paper, a regular pencil, and a water in a clear glass or a water bottle with no label.

Other Notes: Proctors have the discretion to ask that other items not listed above be moved, removed, or changed. For example, if another computer or monitor is visible in the room, the proctor may require it to be turned off or removed depending upon the circumstances.

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