What test day tips will help my student prepare for a successful experience?

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It's time to take the SSAT at Home! Here are some important tips to ensure you have a successful experience.

You can only take the SSAT at Home from the US, US territories, and Canada.

If there is more than one family member in your household taking the test be sure to select the correct student when you launch the test.

Be sure to set up your computer and test area prior to your scheduled test day. You'll need to run the system check, and downloaded the secure browser. It's also important to keep your computer plugged into a power source during the test.

Gather the supplies you'll need to take the test. You'll need two pieces of scrap paper (blank on both sides), a number two pencil, and a clear water bottle without any stickers. These are the only things you can have around you while you take the test.

Cell phones aren't allowed in the room during the test. If you have any trouble starting the test and you need to call our support line your parent or guardian can use the phone to make that call.

Do not open or use any other programs on the computer during the test, even during breaks.

Other family members should limit their internet use while you're taking the test and no one else can be in the room with you other than a parent or guardian while the test is getting started. After the test starts your parent or guardian should be nearby to make sure nobody disturbs you and to help out in case you have any difficulty.

When you're ready to start the test. Head over to the ‘SSAT Testing’ page on portal.ssat.org.

Please launch your test 10-15 mins before your scheduled start time and your remote proctor will join up to 10-15 minutes after your scheduled start time. If you join early, be patient, your test will start soon. Remember, your test doesn’t begin until after you’ve spoken to the proctor, they’ve given you some instruction and they start the test.

It’s time to take the SSAT at home, take a deep breath… you’ve got this!

For more on how to prepare, download our SSAT at Home Tip Sheet.

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