How should I list my gender if I am transgender?

SSAT Account Questions
May 19, 2022
May 19, 2022

When creating an account, a student’s gender must be indicated as male or female. This is because SSAT percentiles have traditionally been reported based upon both the indicated gender and also for all students in that grade. This allows gender-specific scoring, which single gender schools find most accurate for admission. For transgender students who identify as either male or female, indicate the gender with which they identify and are indicating on applications to schools.​ To support gender-expansive students who do not identify as either male or female, please contact us prior to creating an account. We are working to update our gender selection and technical systems and in the meantime will work with families to ensure their student’s preferred gender indication is reflected on score reports and is communicated to score recipients and to schools to which any application has been made through the SAO.

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