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Do private schools require interviews?

Last updated: 
October 6, 2023

Most private schools require interviews as part of their application process; however, the necessity can vary by school and grade level. Most schools conduct one-on-one interviews with an admissions officer or another admissions committee representative, such as a teacher or administrator, but some schools offer group interviews. Virtual interviews are often provided to families unable to attend in person due to travel distance.

Why do private schools conduct admissions interviews?

For private schools, admissions interviews are a key aspect of holistically reviewing a candidate alongside their academic performance and standardized assessments, recommendations, essay, and parent statements to determine if the student is a good fit for their school’s culture and programs.

Interviews allow admissions teams to get to know students and assess their interest in the school. While interviewers will get a sense of the student’s personality and communication skills, it is also not lost on them that students are often nervous in these situations. 

Important to remember is that interviews are also an opportunity for students to learn more about the school. Always go into an interview prepared to ask questions that show interest in the school and specific programs.

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