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How long does a private school interview last?

Last updated: 
October 6, 2023

The length of private school admission interviews varies depending on the school, the student’s age, and the questions families have for the school. The following breakdown is common for most schools:

  • Elementary students: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Middle and high school students: 30 minutes to an hour
  • Group interviews: one hour
  • Parent interviews: 30 minutes to an hour

Keep in mind that admission interviews are more than the time spent in an office talking to a school representative, so for scheduling purposes, ask your admissions representative for a general timeline. 

Interviews typically coincide with a tour and may include brief meet-and-greets with administrators, faculty, coaches, and dorm parents. While meeting these individuals helps families get to know the school and running into them on campus may seem like a chance encounter, don’t underestimate their involvement in the admissions process. They may give feedback to the admissions team.

The breadth of people you could meet underscores the importance of students and parents coming prepared to discuss why they are interested in the school and ask questions about programs and activities of interest. 

If the student is nervous about the interview—that’s okay. It’s normal. Admission officers understand, and they typically structure school visits with introductions and casual conversations, and possibly even the school tour, before the interview to help the student acclimate and get comfortable.

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