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Why do private schools interview parents?

Last updated: 
October 6, 2023

The primary reason private schools interview parents is to help assess whether the school and its culture are the right fit for the student. 

Parents know their children best, and their perspective adds context to what schools learn from standardized testing, academic transcripts, teacher recommendations, and the student’s interview. For example, if a student’s grades slipped one semester, the admissions team may learn from the parent that the student had pneumonia. 

These interviews work both ways, allowing parents to ask questions about the school. To help you make the most of interviews, review our advice article, 29 Parent Interview Questions to Better Evaluate Private Schools.

Lastly, parent interviews lay the foundation for building a relationship between the school and the family. These conversations are a time to discuss educational goals and expectations—including ways parents can get involved with the school.

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